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I should be sleeping, why am I still waiting for the Nerd HQ SPN Panel???????????????????


Osric Chau crashes the SPN panel to ask when Kevin is coming back. 

I’m not the only one who is reminded of last year’s Teen Wolf panel in Hall H where Keahu made an almost identical (as a con-goer in cosplay, instead of as part of the cast at the table) appearance… right?

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TEEN WOLF AU: The 10th Kingdom

"My name is Stiles.
              And I live on the edge of the forest.
                                           Well, kind of.”
Stiles doesn’t know what he had expected from a normal Thursday night. Maybe some punks hanging out at Central Park or maybe some annoying customers at the restaurant he worked at - but certainly not the apperance of prince, cursed and turned into a dog by the evil Queen, dragging him through a magic mirror into a world filled with bizarre magical creatures and things Stiles had only known from fairytales.
Not the least of which Derek, the charming and mysterious wolf that seems to have made it his life goal to spend every waking second at Stiles’ side from the minute on he had stepped into the nine kingdoms.

I just caught the last 10-15 minutes of his Nerd HQ Panel and oh my god he is sweet and funny and adorable and a dork and just…

I’m now waiting for the whole panel to be uploaded so I can watch and marvel some more at his adorkableness.

i don’t know why we are going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field.

Except for how Deucalion is still alive somewhere out there, and Scott literally did nothing to even vaguely hinder the other alphas (unless you count him scratching Ennis’ leg and causing him -and Derek- to fall in the mall fight).

Kali, Ethan and Aiden were dealt with by Jennifer (although the twins were still alive at the end of 3A), Ennis was killed by Deucalion, who, as far as I could tell, walked away with both his powers and his eyesight intact, though whatever injuries he sustained were, again, courtesy of Jennifer.

So. Scott “was the only one left standing” only by virtue of being the only alpha left in Beacon Hills after Jennifer and Deucalion decimated the alpha pack and Deuc left, not because he had any hand in defeating any one of them.

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This is the second mid-season finale (at least? I haven’t seen those of season 1-3A) that makes us think Derek’s gonna die. And I’m tempted to say “Hey, it was a fake-out the first time, it could very well be the same now as well.” despite how I’m now 95% sure both Derek and the Sheriff are gonna kick the bucket this season.

I just… IDK? There’s still that persistent 5% that keeps saying that they’ll be safe this time, too. But the evidence so far is so overwhelming I just…

Not Another Teen Movie is on TV now! XDXDXD And I’m trying not to wake my mom because Young Chris Evans is hilarious in this. Also a very young Eric Christian Olsen is weird to watch after having seen him as Deeks for so long.

I…don’t wanna say that in the first gif it looks like Derek has just lowered that gun from pointing towards Braeden. But that’s what it looks like to me.

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