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This is the second mid-season finale (at least? I haven’t seen those of season 1-3A) that makes us think Derek’s gonna die. And I’m tempted to say “Hey, it was a fake-out the first time, it could very well be the same now as well.” despite how I’m now 95% sure both Derek and the Sheriff are gonna kick the bucket this season.

I just… IDK? There’s still that persistent 5% that keeps saying that they’ll be safe this time, too. But the evidence so far is so overwhelming I just…

Not Another Teen Movie is on TV now! XDXDXD And I’m trying not to wake my mom because Young Chris Evans is hilarious in this. Also a very young Eric Christian Olsen is weird to watch after having seen him as Deeks for so long.

I…don’t wanna say that in the first gif it looks like Derek has just lowered that gun from pointing towards Braeden. But that’s what it looks like to me.

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I wonder who does Malia’s daily hair and make-up (which tend to be more and more flawless with each passing episode).

Because, if she does them herself, then we know what she’s been learning for the past two months instead of control over her shift and learning not to growl at people when she’s annoyed (especially in public).


Detective Derek on the case.

Oh look! Derek using a laptop!

Maybe now the fandom will stop with the “Derek is technologically impaired” crap.

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whats worse to hear 

a) you’re like a brother to me
b) you’re my best friend

c) my confidant
d) my silly rabbit


e) I love you… as a (diminutive female version of) classmate.

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2x05 / 4x05

As if we didn’t already know Liam is basically Jackson 2.0 (minus the money probably?).

That, I don’t care about.

Replacing Danny, on the other hand… no. That is unforgivable (as cute as Mason might be).

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If Stiles is going to be in that scene with Derek and notice that he’s not healing…. And then not make it his personal mission to figure out why, then that’s not the Stiles I know.

Because Stiles would never just let go of something that interesting.


I’m just praying Stiles will actually notice Derek’s hurt…


Season 1: Derek lost his family. Found his dead sister’s half body.

Season 2: Lets make Derek an Alpha but wait a bad one!

Season 3: Lets kill off Derek’s pack! Everybody blames him. Oh and he lost his alpha power too HAHA

Season 4: You know what? No more werewolf power for you, Derek cause your life suck and all. We think you’re better off being human.


I don’t like how this seems like he’s one step closer to death with every season…

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