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I’m sorry to say but… this is the moment when I thought “Yep, this is definitely Scott’s dad.”. Because, as wonderful as Scott is most of the time, he has his downright stupid moments… and we can see whom he takes after in that department.

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I need Derek to actually look like this at least once before the end of Teen Wolf (whenever that may be). I NEED it!

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Why did Kate turn and not Braeden?

Both were slashed into by an Alpha’s claws, right? So why did it only take for Kate?

It’s just, looking at images and clips (of Kate falling with her throat slashed; of Braeden’s scars and thinking of how bad the wounds must have been to leave those kinds of marks), I can’t help but wonder.

What was the deciding factor (besides whatever screwed up plans Jeff has)? Because both were meant to be killing blows, so I would assume both sets of claws would have gone deep enough. So why did only Kate turn (other than for fucked up plot device reasons)?


X-Men: Days of Future Past | Official Trailer #3 

Two things that baffle me (and I really hope the movie actually answers both questions properly):

1. How is young Charles standing up and walking??? Isn’t this a sequel to First Class? Where he was paralyzed from waist down? Or is this a different timeline than that of FC? Or did he somehow get the use of his legs back in between the two movies (only to lose it again later in life)?

2. …does future-Logan not have his adamantium skeleton? Because it sure looked like those claws were made of bone in that one shot? Or are we going to see both future-Logan and (In-universe) present-adamantiumless-Logan? If it is the future him, is the future the one I’ve read about from the comics where he loses the adamantium (courtesy, I think, of Magneto? I’m not sure)?

- oh god their faces when cas understands the star wars reference

- and of course cas doesn’t take dean having the mark all that well

- and of course dean is an idiot about it… because dean winchester has to always do things on his own, and i just want to grab him and shake him and yell at him that he should really talk to cas and sam about this, especially when he, himself, hated it when they kept things like this from him.

- and WHY are they leaving him behind???? WHY??????????

- so there is a way back to heaven

- and am I the only one who thinks gadreel is gonna backstab metatron for this episode’s “surprise” capture and the beating he got? he seemed so very unimpressed and kind of pissed off

- and metatron is not subtle at making threats. like at all.

- really??? a song about loneliness as cas is tearing down his wall and taking off the coat???

- and did metatron just make cas take the role of leader of those angels? can we have Chuck back to kick his ass into the next era or something? or the actual Gabriel? please?


Next Time: Vampires and Sheriff Mills!!!!!!!!

- dean the fuck are you doing putting the blade down????

- “I’m an entity of my word.” bullshit!!!!!

- and dean the FUCK are you doing going terminator on gadreel’s ass???

- “trap metatron”… hOW do you think you’re going to ever do that?

- they actually thought they could really trap him? and did he just BLOW OUT HOLLY FIRE?????????

- …HE ACTUALLY DIDN’T TRICK THEM??? I’m… amazed… at the very least…

- “your insides reek of shame and weakness.” I think the same can be said of dean too

- oh GOD cas doesn’t know about Sherlock holmes???

- …did they just??? did they make cas magically get references???

- “sorry, no spoilers.” who let Moffat in on the script?

- /gasp/ did he just burn one of the SPN books???

- and of course metatron will try to make himself the hero and cas the bad guy

- …and of course sam is the one who goes to cas

- ooooh he’ll get revenge for Kevin and Sam

- cas can still live happily ever after without being human, you douche, of if he is, it’d be on his terms, not yours

- “well, based on that assessment, that doesn’t sound like me.” yep, pretty much

- myeah… stream died again, screw it all

- it almost sounds believable, it almost looks believable, but damn if I can believe it

- “I’m getting the band back together.” …what band??

- no really, I want to believe it’s really the trickster but…

- “your boytoy and I”oh Gabe xD

- “Crowley and Abbadouche”

- …and I’m starting to hear metatron in his speech a bit… idk I just can’t really hope?

- and cas is channeling dean even when he drives, what with not looking at the road like he should

- and look how conveniently they ran out of gas

- and oh also conveniently neither the brothers nor cas can reach each other

- “thank you.” “shut up.” guh, i’m dying

- “I really hate continuity errors.” =))))

- “Wait. Are you dead?” #smug cocky grin# fuck you sir, you can’t DO that!

- and look who we have here, metadouche and our baby angel

- woah nice intro

… nvm stream is dead

- oh it’s back, just in time for dean’s shower, nice

- fine my ass, dean, you’ll never be fine

- Caaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss

- did he just tear his new coat?

- ugh bloddy handprints

- the fuck is that sound???

- …am I the only one finding it weird seeing Cas taking pics with his phone??

- … Metatron had Gadreel slaughter angels? really?

- I wonder if, by the time they go back to heaven, if they do, if a tenth of the fallen angels will still be alive…

- wow they boys are all communicating, so nice

- Cas and Dean talking and smiling and guh, too bad Dean is bullshitting so much

- and the lights are flickering, trouble is coming

- hello gadreel, so not nice to see you again

- this porn setting reminds me of something, but i’ll believe it when i see it…